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Hi I'm Lori

Over the years, I have eliminated mountains of clutter that kept me stagnant and distracted me from living an intentional life.

My mission here is to share what I discover as I seek to find joy in life through simple living. Follow me on a journey from simply decluttering and removing the junk from my home to diving a little deeper.

I want to discover what happens when you opt-out of the life that culture dictates and live one with a purpose, something far more profound than living to collect and acquire possessions.

I also want to discover what happens when I surrender the things I can't put into a box and donate. Things like my plans, expectations, control, and comfort and begin to fill my heart and not my home.

So with both trepidation and anticipation, I begin a journey of simplicity and surrender. I'm not sure where this journey will take me, but I'm asking God to lead me and show me what it is like to live a life of simplicity and surrender.

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