What I’m Anticipating In 2021

I’ll be anticipating lots of hugging in 2021.  Please let there be hugging!

I’m starting the year slow. Like I mentioned in my last post, this year is a journey of simplicity and surrender. I’m not exactly sure how the path will look; I’m just going one step at a time. I’m making plans but not setting anything in stone. I recently read a quote from author Joseph Campbell that says, “If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.” Additionally, Jeremiah 10:23 reminds us that our lives are not our own, and it is not for us to direct our steps. So here’s to us all making our own path in 2021 with God leading the way.

Here are 11 things I’m doing this year.

Rereading the Bible: I read through the Bible many years ago. This year I’m reading through in chronological order with Eva Kubusiak and Mariel Davenport. If you would like to join us, it’s not too late. Sign up here. (Deadline: tonight 1/6/21)

Decluttering and Simplifying: This is an ongoing process, which I will revisit as I have let a lot of “stuff” back into my home during 2020. On New Year’s Day, The Minimalists released their new documentary, Less is Now. Although I’ve been following them for years and am familiar with their stories and techniques, I loved the documentary and was motivated to make some significant changes. 

Reading and Research: I already have a good book list going (I’ll share that soon), some just for fun and some for work. When you become a writer, there is no shortage of friends and colleagues with books coming out that you want to read! I will be researching simplicity as I dive deeper than simply decluttering and exploring what surrender looks like and how to make it part of my life.

Moving out of my Comfort Zone: Surrendering comfort is has part of my journey. We moved from a city of millions to a town with more cows than people and the closest Wal-Mart 20 minutes away. I have now agreed to move into our cabin, where I’ll trade a view of the lake for grazing cows. I know I will eventually be comfortable there as we begin to make it our home. I might even get a goat! Thanks Catherine from 1915 Farm and Steph at Cheapskate Cook for your Instagram posts that inspire me!

Shopping Ban: I’m six days into a month-long shopping ban. I’m not quite ready to commit to a year as Cait Flanders did in her book, A Year of Less, but I’m willing to go month by month. For January, it just the essentials, which shouldn’t be hard after the 75+ Amazon orders in 2020. Still, in only six days, I have had to stop myself from buying non-essentials, asking myself, “Do you need this?” The answer, “No.”

Ditching the planner: Every January, I marvel at my purchase of the “perfect” planner, and by March, I’ve stopped using it. This year I didn’t buy one. I’m using the Snapfish calendar on the wall I created with 2020 family photos, a printed sheet from Google calendar, and a note pad with weekly to-do items.

Journaling: My journaling is very simplistic. I’m using the One Line a Day journal for short daily entries and a composition book as a gratitude journal where I list 3-5 things I’m grateful for each day. 

Exercise: How did your figure fair in 2020? I did not do well, and I’m having trouble buttoning my jeans. I barely exercised last year, and I’m starting to resemble the Pillsbury Dough Boy. I’m two days into a challenge of 20 minutes of movement for six days. It’s an achievable goal I can use to build momentum. For now, its TaeBo (Billy Blanks is back! New videos filmed in his living room with his family!) and walks in the park. I’m waiting on a product I ordered (before the shopping ban!) called Fit Fighter, which comes with a 30-day online membership. I can commit to the 30 days. 

Cleaning: When you declutter your home, it feels good, and when it is all fresh and clean, it’s even better. I’m decluttering cleaning products, which will not only create space but save money as well. I’m using products that reduce the amount of plastic I toss and use fewer chemicals. Products and services I am currently using are Blueland and Care Cleaning.

Writing:Of course I’ll be writing! I’ll be meeting up with my online writing group led by writing coach, Ann Kroeker, my mastermind Facebook group with Misty Phillip, and Tuesday Teachings with hope*writers. I’ll also be updating my website with Heidi Caperton, which will include my new decluttering freebie! Sign up at www.lorisanders.com, so you don’t miss out!

Photography: I didn’t see this one coming but, I’m ready to step back into photography after a very long break, almost ten years! Now I’m ready to get outside, shoot nature, and embrace my personal style. You can follow me on Facebook or see my work on Flickr.

What are you anticipating in 2021? I’d love to hear about it.

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Until next time, be well.


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