What Happened When I Spent the Summer “Wintering”

After reading, Wintering, I acknowledged a need for rest, mostly mental rest. I needed to let go of expectations, jump of the hamster wheel I created, and make time to regroup and reassess. This season of rest proved to be exactly what I needed, and it led me where I never expected to go.

When I began to unwind and stop forcing things, I became more creative. I started to nurture my home, taking direction from Myquillin Smith, The Nester. I re-read two of her books (The Nesting Place and Cozy Minimalist Home) because styling does not come naturally for me. I began writing in the vision journal my stepdaughter gave me, working through a beautiful journal by Krista O’Reilly-Davi-Digui called 52 Mondays: Summer Session: A Seasonal Mindfulness and I also started a creative challenge on Instagram with LoriJean Whitaker.

Rest also included watching TV. For two years, I was either writing or reading, so I thoroughly enjoyed binging Manifest and watching documentaries while folding clothes. I began to take pleasure in cleaning my home. I took time to listen to my favorite podcasts noticing that the idea of rest is a hot topic. Tsh Oxenrider and Seth Haines discuss this in an episode of A Drink with a Friend. I also listened to several audiobooks. I have to say that Kendra Adachi’s The Lazy Genius Way was a game-changer. 

My family took a vacation to my mother’s hometown, Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. Even before we got to the hotel, we stopped to put our feet in the sand and wade in the water.

I had forgotten how the feel of the warm sand and the sound of the waves heals my soul.

We enjoyed the Bay so much took another beach trip to Galveston, Texas. 

As the summer came to an end, I realized I was ready for a change. There wasn’t another book inside me, and I feared staying at home alone another year was not the best thing for my mental health, bank account, or pants size. I’ve learned when I don’t have something calling me, it’s easy for me to get comfortable staying inside the house. I needed a new purpose and after spending so much time alone, I needed connection with humans, in person.

On a whim, I checked the job postings in our school district, saw an opening for a teaching assistant, and considered it. As I scrolled down, I was surprised to see a position for a speech-language pathologist. I texted a friend and discovered the position had only come available after another therapist had to leave at the last minute due to unforeseen circumstances. Additionally, the opening was at the campus my son attended, and there was no assistant, meaning I would be able to do the therapy and interact with the students myself. 

Had God lined this all up for me? Before I began writing Unstuck, I was burnt out and needed something new. God provided an opportunity, opened all the right doors, and left me bread crumbs to follow. Now, I feel like the same thing is happening in the opposite direction. I felt like God was leading me back.

I’m so grateful for all the experiences and the people I connected with during my book writing journey. They have been teachers and cheerleaders and now I consider them all friends. I don’t know how I would have survived the pandemic without my writing community and I’ll continue to support them as I move into another season. 

I am excited to re-join my work family at the school district. I’m rested and ready. I have new perspective and am ready to walk where I believe God is calling me. 

Has God ever called you back to something you thought was gone forever?

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Until next time, be well.

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Title photo by Lori Sanders

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