What Are You Carrying With You?

There’s a Buddhist parable about a man who comes to a riverside and realizes he may be in danger. He needs to get to safety on the other side. However, there is no boat or bridge in sight. He gathers branches, twigs, and vines and builds a simple raft, eventually making his way across the river. Now the question becomes what to do with the raft.

Should he leave it behind or carry it with him?

It doesn’t seem logical to carry it with him. Its heavy and bulky…..but it’s valuable, right? It took him time and skill to build. What if he came to another river and needed to cross? What if he could use those materials for something else, like a shelter, or a shield?

I think we all are carrying things with us that used to serve a purpose, but now, are just extra weight.

Minimalist and author, Christine Platt, asks, “How long are you going to continue to hold on to things you don’t need just because you don’t want to give them away?”

What weight are you carrying with you just in case? What’s keeping you from letting it go?

If you are not sure what you are carrying with you, a great place to start is a quick decluttering of your home, and I’ve created the perfect challenge to get you going. Click here to get a free copy of the 5 Day Declutter Mini Challenge. Beginning April 1st, I’ll be posting videos and photos with tips and links to some of my favorite resources on Facebook and Instagram. I’ll be working through the challenge myself and I’d love for you to join me.

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