Spring Fever!!

Welcome again to Sundays at the Lake!

Here, I share what is bringing me joy or making life easier.

In the house: I have been hearing and seeing advertisements for Grove Collaborative everywhere. I finally clicked on a link from my yoga instructor and I’m not sorry I did. I have found some great products and just placed my second order. My favorite items so far are the paper products made from bamboo and sugar cane, the Grove Collaborative European dish cloths, Mrs. Meyer’s lemon verbena mulipurpose cleaner, and the Grove Collaborative pomegranate & red currant candle. These products smell so good they have actually made cleaning somewhat enjoyable, yep, even the toilet!! Click here to get a free 5 piece set!

Health: In one week we have gone from winter coats and freezing tempertures to shorts and 70s. There is also a layer of yellow pollen coating everything which has my allergies going wild.

I have managed to be flu and strep free even though I am surrounded by hundreds of children carrying these nasty little germs. My son got by with only a 48 hour fever. Others weren’t so lucky and at one point his class of 19 was down to 6! I heard another campus sent home 80 children!! The only fever I’ve been suffering from is Spring Fever!! I have one glorious week to sleep in and catch up with family and friends. Now that brings me joy!!

Movie: I stumbled across the movie “Made for More” on Amazon. This was a documentary type film that followed Rachel Hollis as she prepared for and presented her 2 day RISE event. It was uplifting, encouraging, and powerful. I would love to attend next year. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“Motivation is about making yourself do the thing you don’t want to do.”

“If you want something and it doesn’t exist, make it yourself.”

“Maybe you have been given your mountain to show other people that it can be moved.”

Music: My taste in music is varied as you will see. I recently discovered Tasha Layton on my Instagram account and have become a big fan of her music. Sound of Heaven is her newest release and I’ve added Love Lifting Me to my “Joy” playlist. If you are feeling down, this song will definitely lift you up. I just don’t think you can listen to it and stay sad. It might just make you get up and dance too! I also discovered Carly Bannister, and her song Whiskey. Carly is the sister of Ellie Holcomb who sings one of my favorite songs, Red Sea Road.

I have also been listening to a lot of Tesla, a band I first saw at a concert on the beach in my hometown in the in the late 80s or early 90s. I happened to hear one of their songs on the radio the other day and asked Siri to “play Tesla.” I had forgotten how much I enjoyed thier music. I think they might be somewhere between Southern rock and hair band!

Blog: I’ve been working to post on my blog more frequently. This is good because I have lots of words in my head that I need to get out. Thank you to everyone who is reading it. I hope you are finding it enjoyable.

Books: There are so many wonderful books out there and I’m finding most of them on Instagram. I recently came across the book When I Pray for You by Matthew Paul Turner and purchased it on Amazon. It was so popular, they ran out and had to print more copies! It is a precious book that you can enjoy reading to your children now and for years to come.

In a previous post, I mentioned that I am on the launch team for Emily P. Freeman’s, The Next Right Thing and even better than a sneak peek, we have now been given access to the entire book before its release on April 2! Anyone that preorders, gets some pretty great bonuses including a free audiobook read by Emily and access to her online course “Discern and Decide.” If you are having trouble making a big decison or have descion fatigue in general, let Emily guide you and support you with a plan to find your way. Here are some of my favorite quotes:

“As you take your next right step today, trust that God won’t let you miss your own future.”

“When we don’t take time to reflect and reevaluate, then we may fall into the habit of doing things simply because they’re what we’ve always done.”

“That’s one thing about an intentional no: it can open the door for a life-giving yes. When you focus on what’s missing, its hard to see what’s there.”

I mentioned the book Soulful Simplicy in my last post and wanted to let you know he Kindle edition of it is now only 1.99!!! How can you pass that up?

Well I’m off to begin my Spring Break. I’m hoping it will be the start to a season of silence and restoration. I hope that you too are able to find ways to take moments of silence and open your hearts and souls to joy.

Until next time……be well.



  1. Enjoy your spring break, Lori! My family and I were just recently introduced to Red Sea Road and Ellie’s music. We love it, too!

    1. Cheryl! So good to hear from you as always. I love Ellie’s music! Glad you are enjoying it. Sometimes I play Red Sea Road on a loop. It’s a powerful song. I’m so glad you commented because I’ve been meaning to tell you how much I enjoyed your last article on nosidebar. I love your quote, “Looking at an item can bring the same amount of joy as being able to physically touch or own it.” I also never thought about the Pinterest connection either. This is really helpful as I’m taking a little time each day to try and tackle all those school papers and photos AGAIN!! Oh, I just got a magazine called The Joyful Life. They are accepting submissions for their next edition and I thought of you!! https://joyfullifemagazine.com

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