Open Doors

Surrender. A word we associate with weakness. Giving up or giving in because we are not equipped for the task. We see it as the end of something, a loss.

However, it could be just the opposite—a beginning. Surrendering your plans might allow you to recognize and walk through a doorway God has opened for you. Giving up control might be the first step in letting him show you the amazing things he has planned for you. 

God tells us he has made plans for us, good plans, plans that give us a future and a hope. The doors that open might not seem to make sense. It will require trust to walk through them, especially when we don’t understand. And don’t worry, if God is opening the door, he will stand with you and equip you for the task. 

I have been resistant to surrender to anything that seems inconvenient or makes life uncomfortable, and I wonder if I have missed some open doors in doing so. 

When I asked God to help me understand surrender, I had no idea he would show me through the women in my writing circles. As I hear their stories, I am amazed at how their surrender gave birth to strength, determination, and peace. As they opened their hands and their hearts, God has led them to some pretty amazing places. 

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Bible verses referenced: Jeremiah 29:11, Joshua 1:9, 2 Corinthians 9:8

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