Living Minimally and Mission Minded

As we move from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday, I’ve been thinking of the life of Jesus, how he lived and what he sacrificed to complete his mission.

Jesus lived simply and on purpose. He lived as a minimalist. He didn’t allow material possessions to get in the way of what he was called to do. The way I see it, he carried two things, unconditional love in his heart and a cross, heavy with our sins, on his back.

God has given us an earthy mission and the tools we need to carry it out; still, we allow ourselves to be swept up collecting unnecessary treasures on earth. We can’t take our stuff with us when we leave, and why would we? Baseball card collections and designer shoes won’t compare to the pearly gates and streets of gold in Heaven, and certainly not to the face of God.

Consider this and take a tour of your home. What do the contents tell you about your mission or the dream God has put into your heart? What are you carrying with you that might be holding you back from starting or completing your mission?

As I look through my home, even though I have decluttered many times, I still see items I am grasping, items that really have no purpose, no value. I plan to take some time to think about what God is calling me to do and determine if what I am carrying is necessary or just getting in the way.

What is God calling you to do? What are you carrying that is keeping you from it?

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Until next time, be well.

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