Connecting With a Kindred Sprit

Though not originally in the interview line up, after I connected with Courtney Noelle through hope*writers and read her book, I knew I had to include her to share her story and message. Although there are likely decades between us, I felt I found a kindred spirit. Courtney’s book, Visionary (available soon on Amazon), and my book Unstuck shared a similar message. They also shared a similar format, including questions at the end of each chapter to help readers live a life of purpose through self-discovery and spiritual awakening. We both wanted to help others uncover their gifts and talents, kick fear to the curb, and live a life filled with purpose. 

Courtney stated her primary goal is to use her life experiences to help women with faith, life, and business.

In this interview, Courtney and I discussed how to rediscover yourself when circumstances cause you to pivot. We discussed ways to overcome obstacles and unlock your potential by peeling back the layers to determine what sets you on fire.

I stated, “You let go of one thing, and it opens up the door for more things to come in.”

We also discussed cultural expectations as I did in the Ken Ilgunas interview. Courtney described how she often felt conflicted when good opportunities came her way. They often sounded safe and secure and fit within cultural expectations but didn’t feel right and weren’t really what she wanted to do. She said, “It’s kinda that voice in my head and that calling in my heart that’s like, ‘Hey, you need to do this!'” Even if it doesn’t end up working out, you’re gonna learn something from it, and maybe it will push you in a new direction.”

Courtney explained how the things she tried that didn’t work out gave her experiences that built foundations. She said she was willing to at least try and see what happens. “I wouldn’t have known it isn’t necessarily the best fit had I not tried it.”

Courtney indicated it’s never too late and encourages others to allow themselves to do things even if they are not within the circle of what is expected.

We concluded the interview with a great activity Courtney led at a speaking engagement. She encouraged the participants to write down their greatest fear, explaining that writing it down gets it out of your head. She then had the audience members crumple the paper and throw it at her to release the fear. Finally, she stomped the papers! I thought it was a great exercise to physically see your fears crushed and gain the freedom to move forward towards a purposeful life!! You can see it in action here.   

I hope you find some value in our conversation. If you would like to see the entire recorded interview, click here for access. I’ll be posting notes and quotes from the third interview next week. Make sure to sign up to be notified when new blog posts are published at

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You can connect with Courtney on Facebook and Instagram and be sure to check out her website here.

Until next time, be well.


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