Hello, I’m Lori

I grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast but have lived in just about every corner of this great state. I currently live with my husband and son in the piney woods of East Texas, where we have a small ranch complete with horses, cows, chickens, dogs, our donkey Buster, and our farm cat, Pluto.

As I entered college, my dream was to live a life of adventure as a photographer, but I chose to go with something more stable and worked for over twenty years as a speech-language pathologist. After burning out, I dreamed about becoming a writer. I joined a group called hope*writers, and the connections I made there paved a path for me. In May 2020, I launched my first book, Unstuck: Freeing Yourself From The Grips Of Your Safety Net And Living The Life of Purpose You Were Made For.

After getting Unstuck and enjoying my new role as a writer, I found myself wanting to write about cultivating a simple life, something I have been exploring for years. As I began to clear out space in my home, I felt called to surrender and also clear out space in my heart. My mission now is to share what I discover as I begin this journey of simplicity and surrender. I hope it will help others find that a simple life of surrender can be a grand life.

Lori’s Published Work

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