When the “Next Right Thing” Is Letting Go

As my writing focus shifts to living a life of simplicity, I thought it would be a good idea to take count of my possessions, again. As I did, I came across my copy of The Next Right Thing by Emily P. Freeman and paused. I recently wrote about letting go of sentimental items, and for me, this book falls into that category.

The Next Right Thing is a reminder of the first steps I took toward becoming a writer. As a member of the launch team, I was able to start reading it before it was released. I drank in Emily’s words like a parched soul wandering in the desert. It was if she was reading my mind and speaking directly to me as I wrestled with the question, “What is my next right thing?”

The Next Right Thing became the catalyst for my journey from dreamer to author. It gave me the courage to finally to quit something (Chapter 10 is literally called “Quit Something.”), It connected me with writers to journey alongside me and writers who have helped me find my way. Although my journey is still new and I have not traveled far, I’m at a place where I can begin to help writers taking their first steps.

Now let’s get back to the book, the physical item.
It has done its job. It has served me well. I have read it, highlighted my favorite lines, and made notes; I even included quotes from it in my book, Unstuck. However, it does no good as a hostage on my bookshelf; it’s words are too valuable. It’s time to let it go. It’s time for me to release it back into the world, so it has an opportunity to land in the hands of someone who is tossing about in the waves of decision making, someone who needs to discover their next right thing.

Take flight, sweet book, and find the person who is waiting for you.

Be well,


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