Waiting for the Sun

As I open my eyes, I run my tongue over cracks in my lips, and although I thirst for water, I sink back under the blankets.

As I peek out of my toasty cocoon, frost on the window hides the bleak scene of naked trees, their crumbling leaves scattering in the frigid wind.

I cringe as my bare feet meet the floor and shuffle to the coffee pot.

I continue my morning routine on auto-pilot.

Knowing it will be another bad hair day, I pull on a ball cap.

Stepping out into the cold with visible breath, my fingers quickly numbing even in gloves, I pull my coat tight around me. 

Sloshing through partially frozen mud, I make my way….waiting for the sun.


Written Winter 2011 – originally posted on  my first blog Permission to Dream Heart and Soul


  1. Whew! I could relate this morning! It is SO cold here, and the bitter wind made me cringe to crawl out of bed this morning! Beautiful words, Lori. God bless you with a warm, sun-filled Lord’s Day!

    1. It was 30 degrees when I woke up. That’s pretty chilly for Texas but the wind on the water is brutal. At least the sun is out!! Thanks again for your comment and God Bless!!

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