Unstuck and Unmasked

May 2020 – The entire planet is experiencing a global pandemic, and everyone is feeling stuck. The population of Earth is now confined to their homes, separated from friends and family, daily routines have gone out the window, and to wear or not wear a mask is becoming a hot topic of discussion. I am launching my first book titled Unstuck and Vanessa Harris, only a month prior, launched a podcast called Motherhood Unmasked. We could not know how relevant our titles would be when we began working on our projects over a year before the Coronavirus made its grand entrance and disrupted our lives.

Vanessa and I met at a local mastermind group; however, I feel like I have gained a friend as we walk through our launches during an undoubtedly uncertain time. We have laughed about getting Unstuck and Unmaksted and having a party as soon as this crazy virus is controlled, and life begins to return to the way we once knew it (if that is even possible).

Vanessa’s podcast has been a blessing to me as I walk through motherhood during a pandemic. Motherhood is tough enough without having all the extras 2020 has delivered.  

I recently wrote a post about my struggles as I transitioned from the precious pre-school years to the “Crazy Eights.” No school, no vacations, no clue about how to function has made it that much harder. In the post, I state, “I’m terrified if I don’t play the cards just right, I’ll end up messing him up, failing him, or even worse, losing him.” 

However, even though I am constantly questioning my abilities, as a mother and the consequences of not doing it right, I’m able to remember who believed in me enough to make me a mother. 

“When parenting seems too heavy and I feel like a failure, I take a breath and remind myself that of all the women out there, God chose me to be the mother of this boy.”

Vanessa touches on this in an episode called, “You’re the Woman for the Job.” She tells her listeners, ” You don’t happen to be the mother of your children. God knew everything about you and the children he’d give you when he matched you up.”

She acknowledges, “We take hits in motherhood that leave us dazed.” Indeed we do! Luckily, Vanessa steps in as a cornerman and offers a recovery strategy to get back in the game and helps moms keep moving forward to care for what she calls our priceless blessings.

Our children are blessings, hand-made, special ordered gifts, from God, and while mothering is not easy, the rewards outweigh the trials every time.

I encourage you to check out Vanessa’s podcast, Motherhood Unmasked, “the podcast for real talk about the challenges mom’s face.” 

I also invite you to join the book club for my book Unstuck on Facebook, where we talk about finding ways to use our gifts to live a life of purpose.

I know we are all battling this storm, with no horizon in sight, but I want you to know when we can all get unstuck and unmasked, you are invited to the party!

Until next time, be well.


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