Unconventional Ad”van”ture

I love a good adventure story, they always leave me feeling inspired and motivated. Recently, when listening to one of my favorite podcasts, Lively Conversations, hosted by Dana Williams, I encountered a story with a topic near and dear to my heart.

In Episode 37, Adventure Ahead, Dana interviews Paul and Caroline Trotter, a father and daughter duo, working on a project to prepare recent high school graduate, Caroline, for an unconventional adventure. While many of her friends were anticipating college life, Caroline was indifferent about taking the traditional university route. She didn’t want to be bound by a degree plan, a schedule, or a lease. 

Caroline wanted the freedom to explore and travel while she continued her studies. One day while browsing the internet, she came across the perfect solution, “van life.” Caroline and her dad are now converting a cargo van into what they describe as a mobile dorm room. This unique living situation will make it possible for Caroline to study what and where she wants and change direction or location as she desires.


I am thrilled for Caroline to begin her adventure while she is young. It makes my heart happy that she is creating her own learning experience instead of a following a prescribed pathway. I wish I had been so bold and brave when I ventured off to college. I had a spirit of adventure like Caroline, but tucked it away to follow a plan that seemed safe and predictable. I placed fear over freedom. I don’t regret the choices I made because they led me to where I am now, but I’ll always wonder, “What if?” 

I recently launched my first book, Unstuck: Freeing Yourself From the Grips of Your Safety Net and Living the Life of Purpose You Were Made For. In the book, I share my journey from simply dreaming to living the dream. Unlike Caroline, I was nearly 50 when I finally followed the path I dreamed of traveling. I believe that God gives us all a dream and the skills and talents to make it a reality; we just have to have faith and move forward.

If you have chosen a path that has led you to a dead-end, I want you to know it’s not too late. You can begin by taking one single step toward what sets your heart and soul on fire. I encourage you to start now and get unstuck today!

Be well,


You can follow Caroline and Paul’s journey on Instagram: @vanlifedad and @carolina.trotter

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