Surrendering the Way I Thought It Should Be

Over 30 years ago, I stood in the dark, transferring a blank piece of paper from tray to tray, rocking it back and forth in chemicals whose odor had become familiar and even pleasant. Those elements created magic, a ghostly image growing more distinct each second until I could see the details of my creation. I would hang the image to dry, carefully examining the exposure and composition, hoping it would be just right. It was a long, tedious process, and if something was off, it was back to square one. It really was magic. I had captured light, transferring my vision into a photograph to share.

While technology has made developing images obsolete, it hasn’t eliminated the rules and techniques used to compose a photograph. It’s so much more than a fleeting shot and editing apps.

I loved everything about photography for 20 years; however, during my pregnancy in 2011, my passion for taking pictures faded. Over the years, I repeatedly tried to get motivated to do what I had done for so long. I thought having a baby would give me the perfect opportunity to get back into photography. I thought I would take amazing photographs of my child. However, I soon rediscovered that I don’t enjoy taking staged photos of humans no matter how cute they are and was disappointed I couldn’t produce something resembling Anne Geddes’s work. After that, I hung my camera up and eventually sold all my equipment. 

Although I never stopped seeing photographs in the world around me, the way the light would fall, a perfect composition, or the patterns I loved to capture, I never desired to pick up a camera. I was overwhelmed by all the changes in technology and the fact that everyone was now a photographer carrying phones more powerful than the beloved camera I sold. I realized I was trying to push myself into a box—feeling like I needed my photographs to look a certain way – a way that would sell, a way that would get noticed on social media. How would I make mine stand out?

I decided to surrender how I thought my photographs should look. I abandoned the idea that I needed to sell them or generate acceptance on social media. I just NEEDED to take pictures of the things that brought me joy. I needed to get back to the process and the magic of creating a photograph the way I had all those years ago. 

Once I permitted myself to be free and creative, the desire to shoot started to grow. I selected the simplest camera I could find and made a goal to let my eyes and heart lead me. It’s only been a couple of weeks, and being outdoors, searching for patterns, colors, light, and angles has done a lot for my spirit as I am experiencing the joy photography brought me so long ago.

Is there something you have abandoned and want to get back? I encourage you to surrender how you think it should look or what the outcome should be and give yourself the freedom to enjoy the process. 

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