No Invitation Needed For Fun

In my book, Unstuck, I shared how I had always been a dreamer and not a doer, always tethered to the sand but wanting to go out and join the fun in the waves. Writing a book, is one of the few things I’ve done on my own, without an invitation, and it brought a sense of purpose. It was opening doors and while it was work, it was also allowing for fun.

Then the pandemic held us all against our will, keeping us hostage in our homes. It was a perfect opportunity for me to swim back to shore and, again, get comfortable standing still.

Earlier this month, I wrote in a journal that I felt a lack of purpose and motivation. I think it was because I wasn’t doing anything fun. When I changed my perspective and did a few easy things for fun, it created momentum and lit a fire in me, giving me drive to do the fun stuff I’ve wanted to do for years. I’ve been waiting, I guess, for someone to invite me to do them.

I’m finding doing things just for fun has many benefits. It clears your mind, allows for comfort, new experiences, enables you to connect with new people or old friends, grow personally and professionally. Fun will lead you to a place of discovery. It will make you smile!

I’ve realized I can’t wait for someone to invite me to do the fun things I want to do. I have to release the ties myself. I can’t find my way standing still, tethered to the sand. I’m going to have to move.

Yesterday, I pulled down my kayak and cleaned it off after letting it sit untouched for years. I love the simplicity of paddling, the peace of being in the water, and propelling myself across it. Paddling will provide exercise which is good for the heart and soul!! It will also set me in motion to accomplish a personal goal: Paddling across Lake Livingston to Pine Island.

In the words of Annie F. Downs, “That sounds like fun!”

What sounds fun to you?

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