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We have come to the last “Notes and Quotes” post for the Unstuck Book Club. Today’s post features my mentor and friend, Misty Phillip, who I met through hope*writers. Misty found me and invited me to join a mastermind group at her home. There I made connections that led me to write and publish Unstuck. I am forever grateful to Misty for reaching out to me and inviting me to join an amazing group of women.

I thought Misty would be the perfect person to talk to about “Living the Dream” because she has lived out several dreams while pursuing new ones. It hasn’t always been easy, and she has put in a lot of hard work. In this interview, she tells us how she did it and what it feels like on the other side.

Misty is an author, podcaster, and entrepreneur. She has a knack for gathering people together and helping them make connections leading them to chase their dreams and live them as well.

Here are notes and quotes from my chat with Misty.

When Misty was feeling stuck, she prayed a simple prayer and asked God to show where her gifts and calling lined up in her current season. 

She said, ” If we listen to God, if we are seeking him. He is going to guide us and direct us into everthing we need to do.”

God put it on her heart to organize and host a conference for Christian podcasters, something she had never done and had no idea where to start. As she listened and obeyed, she said God put everything in order and even gave her the idea for the name SPARK. God’s direction and timing were perfect because one month after the conference, the world shut down.  

We also talked about how, when we try to force even good things to happen for the wrong reasons, they might not move forward. Misty talked about living with open hands and asking God how he wants to use you, asking him to send you, and then be willing to go.

Misty said, Sometimes the Lord tells us, if we listen to him, “Yes, I’m planting that dream in your heart, but it’s not quite your season.” She talked about the training grounds that prepare us for the future. Misty described how homeschooling her three sons for 20 years prepared her for the season she is in now.

When Misty wrote her bible study, The Struggle Is Real But So Is God; she said people questioned it and didn’t understand why she was writing it. Now during a year filled with more struggles than anyone could have imagined, Misty has been able to minister to people in ways she couldn’t have anticipated when she first published the bible study. It was another example of God’s perfect timing in her life.

Through the connections she made organizing the SPARK conference, she created an online community for podcasters. She also created a virtual mastermind group for Christian communicators since she could no longer host one at her home due to the pandemic. 

Misty stated, “God has created me to be a connector of people.”  

As we talked about seasons in our lives, Misty discussed the season she spent homeschooling her sons and this current season, where she uses her God-given gifts to connect others. She said, ” I kinda know my time is short to do all this, and so I’m living it up and doing all the things while I can.” She said she is willing to walk away when it is time for the next season so she can go all-in when she becomes a grandmother.

Misty closed out the interview with a lovely prayer. 

Misty is a genuine connector of people with a huge heart. She has introduced me to so many talented people during my writing journey. Misty has encouraged me and taken the time to guide me, making sure I keep moving forward. I hope you will check out her website and connect with her. She is a true blessing.

If you would like to view the entire interview, click here for access. 

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You can connect with Misty on her website,, on Facebook, and on Instagram. You can find her bible study, The Struggle Is Real But So Is God, here and her podcast, By His Grace, here.

Until next time, be well.


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