Just in Case

There are a lot of minimalists who will tell you “just in case” is not a good reason to keep something. I agree with this most of the time, but I have found a few items that are helpful to have extras of “just in case” an unfortunate situation arises. 

5 items that are nice to have just in case…..

Towels – When your child throws up, it’s nice to have extra towels for cleaning up and laying on the bed “just in case” it happens again. It’s also nice to have extra towels when your water heater leaks or a pipe bursts.

Black Dress/Sports Coat – These are nice to have when an event comes up suddenly and you need something dressy. The last thing you want to do is go shopping before a funeral.

Toothbrushes – Ever accidentally drop your toothbrush in the toilet or find that your child has taken it outside to clean his toys? What about when a guest visits and has forgotten a toothbrush? They don’t take up much space. I like to have extras.

Spare Umbrella – I can’t tell you how many times I have found myself sitting in my car reaching for my umbrella, only to realize I left it at home in a tote. I now have one that stays in the house and one that stays in the car. 

Spare Clothes in the Car – This is mainly for little ones, but I don’t think it would hurt grown ups to have some extras as well. Accidents happen…someone can’t “hold it” any longer, gets sick, has a bloody nose, spills food, etc. It’s so nice to have spare clothes, especially when your destination is not home. (It’s also nice to have extra plastic bags to store the wet/dirty clothes in).

What do you keep just in case? I’d love to hear about it.

Until next time…..be well!



  1. Connie

    My “just in case” items consist of extra toilet paper & gold bond spray. Several years ago I had the shingles & had to avoid going out in public for 10 days, so I was glad I a supply of tp. The store that I had bought gold bond spray for years suddenly quit carrying it, so I had a supply that lasted until I found a new store that carried it.

    I don’t have many “just in case” items, but these have made the list for the last 7 years.

    1. Connie, thanks so much for sharing. I haven’t had shingles but know several people who have and said the pain is excruciating. I too stay well stocked with toilet paper. That is one thing you don’t want to discover you are out of when it’s too late!!

  2. I agree with having extra towels … the old dingy towels that don’t look good enough for the bathroom can still be used to wipe the dog’s dirty feet on a muddy day, or sop up unexpected water when the laundry overflows! I like to keep “extra” pasta and pasta sauce on hand … you never know when you’ll need to whip up a quick meal for unexpected guests! I usually keep a couple cans of chicken soup on hand, too. It’s my go-to comfort food if I suddenly get sick and need something soothing for my tummy.

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. I too always have extra chicken noodle soup for the same reason and pasta and sauce is a good stand by as well.

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