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Go Watch the Birds

Without fail, every morning around 6 am, one or two birds begin singing sweet melodies outside my window and by 6:30, I have a little symphony alerting me the sun is about to rise. The light peeking in my windows has been a welcomed sight, especially now. The nights have been too dark. Anxiety and fear have been on the prowl sneaking in and stealing my sleep. I’m probably not alone.

Before the pandemic madness began, I pretty much had my anxiety under control; however, in the last week, I woke up one night with a racing heart and another night thinking I was having a stroke. I quickly realized it was an unwelcome acquaintance from long ago. I knew I could coax it back to whatever hell it came from, but, it would take some time. With the help of Jesus (prayer) Ellie, Tasha, and JJ (music) and a new found friend, Leanne (laughter). I was feeling more like myself and able to get some sleep.

One morning, I decided to sleep until 7 and woke up to silence. I wondered what had happened to all the birds? I decided they had all flown off to dig up worms and bugs. They were busy doing that thing that birds do, completely unaware of the chaos unfolding across the globe.

I then realized how calm I felt, no racing heart, no anxious thoughts, just an incredible feeling of peace. I checked my phone and noticed a YouTube video from Pastor Tony Evans in my feed entitled Do Not Worry. Of course, I played it. 

Pastor Evans referenced Matthew 6:25-34, and the three times in that passage, Jesus tells us not to worry. Pastor Evans describes worry as legitimate concern gone haywire. Adding, that concern, you own and worry, owns you.

Having dealt with debilitating anxiety in the past, I am familiar with these concepts. What I didn’t completely comprehend is that when I worry, when I begin to let fear control my thoughts and physically affect me, I am allowing it to shrink my faith in God and, therefore, shrinking the size of my God. Ouch.

Just the other day, my husband was attempting to tell me the same thing; however, I was in no state to listen or receive his wise words. I was already beginning to spiral, letting the “What Ifs” take over.

Pastor Evans began talking about birds. The ones Jesus tells us to look at. The birds don’t sow or reap or gather into barns (they don’t hoard supplies), but God feeds them. He supplies their “daily bread.”

In Matthew 6:32-33, Jesus tells us that our Father knows what we need, and we must seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be provided.

Now is the perfect time to grow my faith because my Father is so much bigger than my worries. If I become weak and begin to let my concern turn to worry, I’ll remember to go watch the birds. 

What are you doing to calm your fears during this time of uncertainty?

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