February 2021: Looking Back

Wow, we made it through the chaos of January only to find February trying to one-up it with a crazy winter storm. Texas was continually making headlines, and my heart was breaking for friends and family who lost power, water, or both. We were fortunate and never lost either. Two days after the storm, it was warm enough to wear shorts; however, I’m not packing away my winter clothes because in Texas you never know. I’m praying March will lead us into a glorious spring we can enjoy without any drama. 

February was a month of continued introspection and shifts in perspective. I’m finding that living a simple life stretches far beyond decluttering. It’s a state of mind. While I pondered the whole simple state of mind, I took stock of online clutter, canceled memberships, downgraded some of my online subscription plans, and unfollowed accounts that were no longer serving me. 

Shopping/Bible Reading: I made a few inexpensive purchases I felt were in line with my goals and allowed me to slow down, have an easy task to focus on, and be creative. I purchased a rock painting set, a coloring book, and new colored pencils. I also purchased the Inspire Bible for Creative Journaling.

I appreciated the space provided to color and take notes as my group completed Leviticus and moved into Numbers. These are really tough books to get through. Luckily, the videos from The Bible Project have helped me understand the concept of each book.

Exercise: My exercise routine went well until two weeks of headaches threw everything off. I’m going to need to significantly up my activity. Hopefully, this month I can get back in the groove. The buttons on my jeans will thank me!

Reading: I was surprised how much I enjoyed Open Book by Jessica Simpson. If you read it, I highly recommend the audio version read by the author. I also read Austin Kleon‘s book, Show Your Work. There was a lot in there leading me to rethink my work and how I want to share it. I choose to take bits and pieces of advice and apply it in a way that has been freeing, fun, and rewarding. (Just realized – both Austin Kleon and Jessica Simpson have ties to Texas!)

Photography: My reconnection with photography has been like meeting up with an old friend. I’ve been going back and forth between my iPhone and Canon, finding pros and cons for each. The dreary winter was challenging; however, our new donkey and calves provided entertainment and were great subjects. I’m looking forward to the bright colors coming with spring.

Writing: This month, I opened my blog space to guest writers who shared their incredible stories of surrender. I know I will do this again soon. I loved being able to connect with the authors personally enable their stories to reach more people. Read their stories here: Jennifer Sheffield, Vanessa A. Harris and Kellie La Follette.

I completed the first assignment for Kelly Dumar‘s online creative writing webinar, Aim for Astonishing. With Kelly’s guidance, we created our first piece prompted with a personal photograph and shared it with the class via Zoom. The positive feedback I received nearly had me in tears. It’s been refreshing stepping away from the business of writing and diving back into the craft. I’ll post my piece here on Thursday. It’s called My Grandma’s Kitchen.

I also continued to learn from Ann Kroker‘s course, Your Platform Matters. Ann has shared a wealth of information, provided guidance, and created a group that has become a sisterhood of women writers supporting one another as we travel on our writing journeys.

So what’s in store for March? Nothing specific. Getting outside, moving more, eating less junk, looking locally and taking day trips to find interesting photography subjects, and revisiting writing poetry.

How was your February? What’s your plan for March?

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Until next time, be well.


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