Empowerment From Purpose, Time, and Space

When it was time for Chapters 5 (What Drives You?) and 6 (Clearing Space and Time) in the Unstuck Book Club, I knew Kelly Bucker was the girl for the job. I met Kelly at a local mastermind group. Her extroverted, confident, energetic, go-getter personality was just what my introverted, uncertain, dreamer personality needed to help me figure out my why. 

Kelly is a visual brand consultant who helps empower her clients to determine their message and communicate it visually using their smartphone camera!  

I have learned so much from taking Kelly’s courses. She has so much knowledge to share and is extremely passionate about helping people determine their WHY, WHAT, HOW and WHO.

What Drives You?

Kelly has a knack for helping others figure out what lights their fire and fuels them to achieve a goal. She said she wants to “unlock the voice for people and their force for good in this world, to make an impact visually so they can speak to their audience and make a true impact.”

She expressed the importance of being able to convert your “how” to suit your “why,” especially during a pandemic when everyone has to pivot. She explained what you do and how you do it can look a million different ways and still serve your purpose.

Speaking of purpose, if you are not sure about what yours is, Kelly can help with that too. She discussed how she helps people peel back the layers to find a common thread in their past ventures. She asks the question “why” repeatedly until they reach the core and advises them never to ignore skills that come naturally.

Three things Kelly said about purpose that I loved:

“You work so much harder when you work against your purpose.”

“When you end up doing something that completely goes against your purpose, or what you’re designed to do, you end up having to backstep so much, and it costs you time, money, and stress because you have to start over and figure out what you are about.”

“If you’re excited about what you do, you’ll look forward to it. You’ll find ways to get better at it.”

We talked about how knowing what you like and don’t like can help you determine your purpose. 

Kelly explained that having this knowledge helps drive decisions and creates boundaries so you don’t get stuck doing something you can’t stand. She talked about creating boundaries and the power of saying no.

Time and Space

Kelly described how she progressed from a home office to a dedicated studio where she could better serve her clients. She also discussed several ways she uses a time blocking method to get things done and not have to do them twice. Managing time helps her to be more efficient and serve people at a higher level. 

Click here to get a copy of her time block guide

If you would like to view the entire interview, click here for access. 

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You can connect with Kelly on her website, Facebook, and Instagram.

Until next time, be well.


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